Legal technology provider PracticeEvolve has announced a pathway for law firms to shift their operations to the cloud.

With PracticeEvolve’s “Pathway to the Cloud” offering, law firms are initially provided cloud hosting options for their existing desktop applications as a stepping-stone to a fully native, browser-based, cloud solution called EvolveCloud.

David Boland, global chief executive officer of PracticeEvolve Group, said the pathway shows that uncompromising native cloud software is fast becoming a realistic option for firms.

“Our firms have become increasingly savvy in terms of technology, and that has accelerated during Covid,” said Boland. “They are looking at the future and are now seeing how cloud can empower them to adapt to evolving opportunities and work practices. Firms have recognised buying into a provider for the future is imperative to level up their own businesses and their expectation, now, is for native fully cloud-based software.”

“Over the last three years, we have been optimising our existing technology for cloud, while at the same time developing a completely new native cloud solution that will shape how law firms think when selecting software for the future, this is what we call pathway to the cloud,” he added.

Boland highlighted how firms have already identified the need to be better connected.
“Suggesting the events of the last year have led to heightened demand is somewhat disingenuous to firms, in my opinion,” he said. “Firms were already considering how the world was changing before 2020. They have already identified how they need to be better connected with clients, with their staff and with software.”

Boland added that the approach will be stepped in line with worldwide technology developments which are already driving demand.

“This is especially true when we consider the impact global developments such as 5G will have on us all,” he said. “5G is expected to relieve businesses of the financial burden of deployment and maintenance of hardware-based infrastructure by shifting to a cloud environment. In parallel, we are seeing a growing workforce who have grown up using apps and browsers, and they expect flexibility in the software and the ability to work whenever and wherever they are.”

“As a legal technology provider, we are taking responsibility to provide native cloud software and apps to deliver on those needs for the future of law firms,” he added. “But in parallel we’re ensuring that our products created prior to mainstream adoption of cloud are fully optimised to take advantage of what cloud has to offer, particularly location independence and mobility.”

Meanwhile, Steven Hoyle, Australia and New Zealand CEO at PracticeEvolve, added that his company is “constantly speaking with firms who have made it clear a cloud solution is needed.”

“Often, practice management systems are the last software requiring a server and we are seeing the fast-growing demands of firms wanting to take steps into the cloud,” said Hoyle. “Of course, we will continue to develop our desktop applications in line with our cloud strategy, starting by offering firms cloud hosting options, access to mobile applications and key third-party integrations.”

Hoyle pointed out that there is a gap in the Australian legal market for a true cloud solution.

“There are many medium size firms who are looking for an out-of-the box, ready-to-go practice management system that offers all the functional capabilities, cost benefits and accessibility of the cloud,” he said. “The demand for cloud software which includes functionality such as automated document creation, legal forms and mobile apps, will continue to increase. PracticeEvolve are meeting these needs with the introduction of a new, end-to-end cloud practice management system, EvolveGo, set to launch in Australia by the end 2021. This solution will serve the mid-tier market in parallel with the development of our native cloud, browser-based solution, EvolveCloud, which will be in high demand from mid to large tier firms.”