Legal Practice Data Analytics

A progressive law firm needs to set clear goals, analyse progress and understand key metrics to accurately monitor growth.

SOS Connect is designed to deliver critical business data in multiple secure, accessible, meaningful formats.

We understand that for any business to succeed, key performance metrics must be set, met and reset. Our solutions keep this process simple and workable, extracting the maximum value from your data and helping you use it to drive further growth.

SOS Connect comes with dynamic dashboards, scheduled reporting and measurement tools customised to your specific business needs and working style. It is the platform of choice for many of the UK’s most successful mid-tier firms because it is proven to actively drive efficiencies across the business.

Legal Practice Analytics Features

Everything you need to set business goals and measure success, including dashboards, scheduled reporting and more.

SOS Connect was vital to their ability to smoothly transition to remote working during COVID 19 which enabled them to focus in their clients and help them though a very difficult and uncertain period.

Dawn Wilson, Director for Responsibility for Practice Management,
Creighton & Partners

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