Plot Sales

Process heavy and the ability to work as a team proves essential when aiming for better cost efficiencies and ways of working.

We understand there is huge pressure on people and client relationships when dealing with plot sales. That’s where great tech is required to improve service delivery and increase satisfaction, workload management, completion timescales and financial management.

We provide you the ability to set up a lead development case for the developer and create ‘child’ cases for each plot. It simply removes the need to re-enter data into multiple cases, minimising the effort on fee earners.

SOS provides everything you would expect and more so you can manage your business, not the software.

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“We created a process model for all plot sales, and worked with Linetime to tailor the system specifically to the plot sales team’s needs. In the development phase for the Scottish legal process, the Linetime people must have been learning some of this as they went, but it didn’t show.”

Chris West, CEO, Gillespie Macandrew