Personal Injury

Whether it’s an accident at work, public liability, a road traffic accident or any personal injury case, you’ll need software to support the documents and complexities involved in the case.

SOS integrations include A2A’s portal, supporting stages 1, 2 and 3. We also integrate with Precent H so you can present costs to the court without having to log in to another system. And if you need documents such as a CFA signed, why not make use of our DocuSign integration to save on print and postage.

As you would expect, our software provides the ability to quote cases limiting the number of live cases, a great benefit when reporting risk.
You’ll no doubt have a number of experts you call on regularly for personal injury matters. It’s why SOS software contains an Experts Register so you can quickly access the knowledge and expertise you need.

Possibly key to Personal Injury is the ability to group claims but link cases, making the management of clients so much easier.

With reporting tools, date monitoring and more, SOS empowers you to manage your business, not the software.

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