Qarrar Somji is a Director and Solicitor Advocate at Cato Solicitors. He has ten years’ experience in the legal profession and has worked at Cato since 2018. Cato Solicitors, itself was founded in 2014 as a boutique practice with a broad remit of services for both individuals and businesses. It is a very well respected firm in the Midlands with offices in Birmingham, Northampton, Wellingborough and an associate office in Faro Portugal.

Qarrar had experience with SOS Legal from his previous tenure at a large law firm, and after joining Cato Solicitors found that the firm was looking for a new cashiering solution. After some extensive research, Qarrar remembered that SOS Legal offered SOS Connect+, a solution designed specifically for small, boutique, and start-up law firms.

Case Study Outlines:

  • Aims, challenges, and opportunities
  • Connecting systems

About SOS Legal:

SOS, part of the PracticeEvolve Group, are a forward-thinking legal practice management software provider. With a clear pathway to the Cloud, our innovative methodology and focus on development within the software, allows us to offer clients leading edge solutions, while remaining at the forefront of legal technology.

SOS Case Study